SEC  E-9 Key Machine

CK-100 Key Programmer

Program Transponder Keys &

Remote Controls all for 1 Low Price!

Option #1  $149.95

Shipping    $  10.00

CK-100 Key Programmer w/

GPS Tracker.

Know every time your Tool is being used to make money!!

Technicians have been known to do "Side Jobs" Eliminate this with GPS Technology.Everytime it powers up,The GPS Reports the address!!


Includes 1 Year of Service &



SPECIAL !!  $2,200

Shipping     $   200

Paypal Fee $     90

Total Shipped $2,490.00


Key Machine

Automobile Key Jaw

2-Cutters   2-Decoders  1- T-Wrench

2-M5 Bolt  1-Stopper     1-Calibration Block

6-Spindle Belts  

13 Key Jobs & its paid for !!

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